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Lunchtime Support

Lunchtime Support is a playground management initiative, designed to maintain a controlled environment whilst not inhibiting free spirit during the children’s playtime. Our ethos is to encourage fair play with a maximal inclusion policy.

Within the first 6 months of starting up this approach to lunchtime support, there was a positive change in playground behaviour and organisation. Lunchtime Support has received great feedback from teachers, with many of them stating that there were fewer problems in the classroom after lunchtime and children were a lot more settled.

Playtime is something the children look forward to the most in their school day, giving them a release of energy and freedom. It opens up an opportunity for free spirit and allows them to make new friends, organise their own activities and have fun.


Sometimes the lunchtime environment can become chaotic, children can become over excited, personalities clash and arguments start. This would require an adult to step in and help resolve the matter, ideally with care and from a good listener. An adult can judge the situation, listen to the stories from both sides, consider the personalities and resolve the matter fairly and efficiently.

We respect that child have a vast array of personalities and approaches to their own play management. We want each child to feel like they are being looked out for and our support is there if they need it.

As well as working closely with the children, we are totally committed to maintaining a strong relationship with the school and the staff, so that we can work together as a team to help control behaviour and increase the children’s productivity.