Terms & Conditions




JA Sports Coaching presents you with the following Terms and Conditions. These terms apply to customers from the point any sessions are booked and will continue to do so if you are using our services. Please ensure that you read these when booking with us, as our terms constitute a legal agreement. Therefore, in making a booking on our website, you must be eligible to do so within the following criteria:

–      Agree to JA Sports Coaching Terms

–      Be aged 18 or over

–      Provide up-to-date contact information

Our Service

JA Sports Coaching provides a sports coaching service, for which you can book sessions via ClassForKids. We provide this service to all children who wish to partake and have a zero-tolerance policy of discrimination. Children will be treated equally regardless of background, ethnicity, religion, gender or learning difficulties.


All JA Sports Coaching sessions must be booked in advance through ClassForKids and paid in full.


Payment can be made with online through ClassForKids. Once you have made your booking, you will always receive a confirmation email.

Booking Amendments

Once a booking is made, the payee is able to alter the existing booking for free, however if you wish to cancel the booking, this must be done so within 14 days of the booking being made to receive a refund. If you wish to cancel a session after 14 days of making the booking, you will be issued with a credit voucher for JA Sports Coaching. If JA Sports Coaching makes the cancellation of a session, all participants will be refunded.


In order to align with our safeguarding policy, we will operate a registering system at the beginning of our sessions. This ensures that we know how many and which children are in our care at any one time. A parent or guardian must notify us if another adult will be collecting the child. Registers will be shared with coaching staff and the school office.


Every coach hired at JA Sports Coaching will be put through an enhanced DBS check. All adults involved with the company agree with our safeguarding policy and go through rigorous training. Our coaches have a duty to flag any suspected abuse or maltreatment of a child. Any such disclosure will be treated very seriously; an investigation will be launched, and the issue will be formally reported to the school.

Customer Feedback

It matters to us what you think. If you would like to share an experience with us, whether it be good or bad, you can do so by emailing operations@jasports.co.uk

We endeavour to make every experience had by children, parents and guardians the best possible and are glad to hear to hear from you so that we can strive to improve our sessions.

Equal Opportunities

JA Sports Coaching provides a service that is equally available to every child who wishes to partake. Every child will be given equal opportunities we operate under a strict no tolerance policy regarding any kind of discrimination. In return, we ask the same of parents and guardians in attitude towards our staff.


At JA Sports Coaching we believe that good sportsmanship makes good players. We have zero-tolerance of bad behaviour, and our coaches expect the respect they treat the children with to be returned. We ask that the same respect be reciprocated by parents and guardians and will not condone aggressive behaviour towards coaches. Coaches will never show aggression to children or parents, as we have a strict positive reinforcement policy when coaching children. JASC will monitor for and appropriately deal with bullying and consistent bad behaviour the school may be informed. In certain cases, JASC has the right to ask parents to remove children from their sessions and can suspend customers from making future bookings on these grounds. No refunds will be made in these cases.